Private Piano Instructor

I am an enthusiastic teacher committed to teaching music lessons by incorporating the best pedagogical principles and fostering genuine relationships with each of my students.

Katrina at SAVP with a student (centre) and fellow instructor (right) 
Katrina playing duets for fun

Katrina has taught piano lessons since she was in high school. She is passionate about high quality piano teaching and continually studies the best pedagogical principles and practices in music teaching. To that end, she attended the National Conference of Keyboard Pedagogy in Chicago in July 2019. While completing her master's degree, she placed a special emphasis on studying piano pedagogy and piano literature. Her major research project focused on finding and evaluating the merits of intermediate-level Eastern European piano concerti. She has also taught and tutored theory at the university level and believes that theory instruction is an integral part of a well-rounded music education from the earliest stages of learning.

One of Katrina's most inspiring teaching experiences has been instructing at the Saskatoon Summer Academy for Voice and Piano (SAVP) since the summer of 2017. Through SAVP, she has received mentorship from exceptional teachers with decades of experience, as well as a chance to see the benefits of collaboration and community for young musicians.Katrina strives to help her students develop into independent pianists who love music, while fostering a caring and community-minded studio. 

Currently on sabbatical from teaching while pursuing my own studies.